ROBBERS The 1975

 Just a quick outfit post shot by my sister, Trisha. It's been months since I posted another outfit shot.
Despite all of the things I've encountered. I've been busy for months (because of school).As you can tell, It's already summer (not for everybody but here in the Philippines though). So, I decided to blog more because I thought It would be awesome to do that shit.

Anyway, My friend sent me an e-mail to become her sponsor on her online store The XXIV Store .
So I decided to blog about this new sponsorship I've been into.
As you can tell, I am wearing the 1975 Robbers Shirt. which my friend gave me and by the way, I am a hardcore (hardcore daw) fan of The 1975, so yeah, I find this shirt really rad.

If you're a fan (like me) of the 1975 then GO BUY THIS SHIRT.
We're also selling other designs by the way. Okay, that's about it. I hope everyone will have a happy summer. bye bye. 

For more details, Visit us.


New Sponsorship!

Yesterday (March 5, 2014) , I've received a mail from an online store (The XXIV ).
They invited me to become a sponsor of their online store which is great because this is my first time . I will blog about their item/s as soon as possible. Even though I'm kind of busy, I'll be taking pictures of myself wearing their item/s.


February Playlist

Supposedly, I should be studying for my History Exam on Friday but hell yeah, I end up writing a new post for my blog. So, its been a month since I posted ( the January playlist!) here on my freaking blog. I got to do this shit because my friend started to blog yesterday and I saw one of his posts which gotten me motivated to post something here.

I've been listening to a lot of bands right now and I planned to share it with you guys.  I am not hoping that you would like my music but my taste of music is really different. Some of you guys listen to Pop music (katy perry or one direction or something like that) but my music is really different. I like the genre of listening to not-so-famous bands ( not really to offend them though) like Bastille, HAIM , The 1975 and all that kind of bands. They're the coolest and dopest bands I've ever heard in my whole damn freaking life. Okay, enough of this. I'm gonna share you my jams I've been listening to so yeah bye.

Uncle Jed - Brother
Tove Lo - Habits
Yeah yeah yeahs - Sacrilege
The Neighbourhood - Sweather Weather
Bastille - Pompeii
The 1975 - Settle Down




Hello guys, I decided to post an outfit shot because I was bored and I've been doing a lot lot lot lot of school works lately.Anyway, Thanks to my sister for the shots.